Holiday resorts in Cyprus. Which one to choose?

Resorts of Cyprus. Which city to choose for a vacation??

Cyprus, thanks to the Mediterranean sea and mild climate, has become one of the favorite vacation destinations of our citizens. The country is a territory for a luxurious vacation of mind and body. Short flight time is also an argument in favor of a vacation in Cyprus. And about the most attractive resorts on the island – we tell you in this review.


Larnaca rightfully bears the title of the main family resort. The international airport and bus terminal on the outskirts of the city, beaches renowned for their fine gray-yellow sand with flecks of fine pebbles, gentle slopes with sandy bottoms. All this attracts tourists with children.

Larnaca’s beautiful beach

The entertainment industry is well represented in Larnaca:

– Diving enthusiasts will be delighted by the 7 centers and schools that offer scuba diving services.
– Cycling aficionados will find plenty of bicycle rentals.
– Surfing and windsurfing enthusiasts will be surprised by the variety of rental equipment.

The shade of tropical trees, beautiful seascapes, and an abundance of cozy taverns, bars and restaurants make Finicudes embankment a favorite stroll for visitors and locals.

Kids are welcome at Lucky Star Park, the island’s largest amusement park. Air monorail tours, open-air kart racing, their own, albeit small, roller coaster and a variety of other attractions await visitors to the park.

Larnaca Historical Landmark - Kamares Aqueduct

The Kamares Aqueduct, a historical sightseeing place in Larnaca

The ruins of an ancient city, ancient Greek sanctuaries and fragments of Christian temples are just a small part of the attractions of the resort.


Paphos is the center of fashionable holidays in Cyprus. High prices, luxury hotels and the fifth category. Cozy bays and secluded sandy-pebbly beaches make up for the rocky shores and the not too comfortable entrance to the sea.

A beautiful bay with turquoise water near Paphos

A beautiful bay with turquoise water near Paphos

Airport, which receives flights from all over the world, a major bus terminal. Parks, an aqua park and an aquarium await fans of outdoor activities. At the service of connoisseurs of nightlife there is a whole street with an abundance of bars, karaoke and restaurants.

Ayia Napa.

Ayia Napa is one of the most beloved resorts of Cyprus among the youth

Ayia Napa is one of the most favorite resorts of young people in Cyprus

Ayia Napa is great for recreation of youth. The resort, resting by day, explodes at night with the lights of clubs, restaurants and bars. The resort is famous for its beaches with fine sand and smooth slope into the sea. When choosing a hotel, it’s worth keeping in mind the numerous 24-hour establishments. They can disturb the peace of night visitors with their loud music.


Limassol – The perfect resort for everyone. Architectural monuments, sandy beaches, and night clubs with the best wine in Cyprus give the right to consider the city a universal place for a rest.

Limassol is a great base for exploring Cyprus

Limassol is perfect for exploring Cyprus

– Cafes, nightclubs, numerous bars.
– The only zoo in Cyprus.
– 3 water parks.
– Amusement park.

History lovers and curious travelers will find the ruins of Greek poles, ruins of the Acropolis, the sanctuary of Aphrodite and ancient monasteries.

The ancient Greek ruins of Limassol

The ancient Greek ruins of Limassol

The resort is the most “Russian-speaking” on the island. Located 70 km from two airports. Limassol is wonderful for the Russians.


Protaras has a quiet, measured, relaxed atmosphere. It’s somehow especially cozy and homelike.

Protatras is a resort suitable for a quiet holiday

Protatras is a resort that is suitable for a quiet holiday

The Aquarium, the Bridge of Sinners, the Peepal Tree Cove, the Church of Elijah the Prophet, the Valley of the Windmills are some of the sights of the resort. A show of dancing fountains is a curious spectacle.

Rest in Protaras will suit those who want a quiet pastime.

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