Attractions and resorts in Serbia

Main attractions and resorts in Serbia

Serbia is a colorful European country in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. In addition to the beautiful scenery and ancient monuments of architecture, it is famous for its wonderful resorts and ski resorts.

Serbia offers several types of tours:

  • health resorts;
  • sightseeing tours;
  • Skiing.

No visa required for Russian citizens.

Health resorts.

Clean air, hot springs, therapeutic gases and muds – all these natural treasures nourish and strengthen health. In the times of the Roman empire, there were about 50 thermal areas in the region, now there are more. Nowadays, the water with its unique composition is used for baths and drunk as a course. The Aegean Sea, Black Sea and Adriatic Sea surround Serbia, and its climate contributes to the healing of many diseases.
Beautiful views of the Vrnjacka spa resort
Wellness centers are equipped with modern equipment. As a rule, they have a narrow specialization. The cost of services is moderate by European standards, so local resorts are usually full of vacationers.Local resorts are like a paradise. They are nestled on the slopes of the mountains or nestled in picturesque green valleys. There is a sense of harmony and complete tranquility.

The Wellness Center in the Serbian health resort Banja Koviljaca

The Wellness Centre in Banja Koviljaca
In the list of the most famous resorts: Bukovicka Banja, Niska Banja, Banja Koviljaca, Sokobanja, Vrnjačka Banja, Palić.

Popular Tourist Places.


Old quarters with cobblestone streets, neat little houses built a hundred years ago, cozy cafes, parks and squares – the capital of Serbia is immersed in an atmosphere of the unknown. Walking on the stone sidewalk, you feel yourself easy and comfortable, as if you had lived here all your life. It is not for nothing that the wonderful landscapes of the Danube inspire poets and artists. It is the first city most travelers see when entering the country. Belgrade International Airport in Beograd is the main tourist attraction of the city. Nikola Tesla is only a few kilometers away.

Serbia. Belgrade. View of the city's main attractions from the river

Belgrade – Serbia's main tourist attraction

Top 7 most interesting places in Belgrade:

  • National Museum of Serbia. The richest collection contains 400 thousand. exhibits that reflect the history of the Balkans from ancient times to the present day. Guides give tours in different languages, including Russian;
  • Kalemegdan fortress – a powerful defensive complex at the confluence of two rivers. The first masonry dates back to the 3rd century. BC. э.;
  • Tesla Museum, opened in 1952. Visitors can see personal belongings of the famous inventor and models of some devices;
  • St. Nicholas Cathedral. Savy is the largest orthodox church on the Balkans. Still under construction from the end of the 19th century onwards, the Dungeness Castle. The city of Novi Sad was founded by the Serbian town of Novi Sad in 2004, when it was opened;
  • Gardos hill is a part of the historical center, where every building is a work of art, whether it is a residential mansion or a small ancient church. The Millennium Tower, built at the end of the 19th century and 36 meters high, dominates the building;
  • The Danube promenade is a picturesque place where you can eat, admire magnificent views, or just take a walk;
  • Ada Cingaglia, a small island on the outskirts of the city, turned into a peninsula by dams. The area includes beaches, cafes, cycling paths, sports fields and a picnic area.


At every step you come across buildings in the neo-Gothic, eclectic style, creating a charming look, so beloved by tourists from all over the world. A small town near the Hungarian border is interesting not only for its architectural monuments. Serbian and Magyar traditions are closely intertwined in the culture of the region.

A view of the center of the Serbian town of Subotica with the main sights

Subotica is a small town with rich architecture

Where to visit:

  • the synagogue. A striking example of Hungarian art nouveau built in the early 20th century.;
  • the Franciscan monastery (18th century) in the heart of Athens, the seat of the Serbian Grand Duchy.) and Serbia's oldest Catholic church;
  • in the Palić Recreation Area;
  • Town Hall and its historic museum;
  • in an art gallery;
  • In the Gothic cathedral of St.. St. George.

Novi Sad.

It is not for nothing that the cultural capital and second largest city after Belgrade is called the Athens of Serbia. Novi Sad is famous for its museums, architectural masterpieces from different eras, galleries and theaters. It attracts thirsty foreigners with its sights, restaurants, cafes, noisy bazaars and beautiful landscapes.

View of the center of the Serbian city of Novi Sad

The city of Novi Sad is "Serbian Athens"

  • The Petrovaradin fortress (17th-18th centuries), which was built in the 16th century.) with an observatory, museum and planetarium;
  • the historic center, where dozens of ancient churches of various denominations are concentrated
  • The ethnic complex Brvnara;
  • Vojvodina Museum;
  • Nilon flea market;
  • Museum of Modern Art;
  • Reserve Fruska Gora. On the slopes of the massif, among the forests, there are scattered Orthodox monasteries of the 16th century, and some of them are in ruins;
  • Dunger Castle.

Nis and its surroundings.

The oldest city in the Balkans is famous for being the birthplace of the legendary Constantinople, the first Christian Roman emperor Constantine the Great. Preserved in Nis is Serbia's oldest church, built in the 4th century. н. э. Many sights are of antique origin.

The main attraction of the Serbian town of Nis is the ancient fortress

Nis, the oldest city in the Balkans

In the list of iconic places in Nis:

  • Turkish fortress of the 18th century;
  • Mediana is a dilapidated complex of Constantine the Great period buildings (imperial residence, thermae, water tower, etc.), which were built during the Balkans.);
  • Artisans' Alley, ancient quarters with buildings from the first half of the 18th century that are still there today.;
  • Chele Kula, a dark tower that reminds you of the bloody events of 1809). The Turks walled in its walls with the skulls of rebellious Serbs.

Ski centers.

A large part of the country occupy the picturesque mountains. Modern bases for professionals and amateurs are open from November to April and early May. Many of the ski slopes are as good as the Swiss or Austrian, but the influx of tourists is much less, and, accordingly, the prices are much lower.


The season lasts an average of 150 days. On the slopes of the mountains are installed cannons to create artificial snow cover. The famous Serbian resort is located at an altitude of 1770 m. in an ecologically clean region. There is everything for a quality holiday.

Snow-covered trees and a ski elevator in the ski resort of Serbia - Kapoanik

Kopaonik – ski resort with 26 ski lifts

  • It offers recreational facilities, spas, indoor pools, gyms, an ice rink, a snowboard park, children's attractions, bars and restaurants;
  • Slopes of different complexity levels, slalom and night skiing tracks. Total length – 70 km.;
  • 26 cableways.

Stara Planina.

"Babin tooth" – the best local center. Of the seven slopes, one is equipped for children, and there is a lit descent for fans of skiing in the dark. Instructors can teach confidently to stand on the skis, even for beginners who never did it before. It is situated at an altitude of over 2000 meters near the border with Bulgaria. Unearthly views of the majestic mountain ranges and excellent service – that's what happy tourists say about the ski resort.

Slope and snow-covered peaks of the Stara Planina mountain resort

Staraya Planina is an excellent resort with excellent service and great views

  • gyms;
  • swimming pool;
  • sauna;
  • services of a masseur;
  • Yoga and Pilates classes.


Cozy resort is built in the middle of national park on the slopes of a beautiful ridge. The panoramas of Brezovitsa surroundings inspire and enchant. Alpine meadows and lakes, forests buried in a haze, gray peaks begging to be photographed.

The sign to the ski resort with the inscription "Serbia"

Brezovica is a cozy Serbian ski resort

  • 9 ski slopes from "blue" to "black";
  • 16 slalom slopes;
  • 10 elevators;
  • storage rooms;
  • parking lots;
  • kindergarten.

After a busy day you can relax in the pools with thermal water and taste the delicious national cuisine in one of the restaurants.

Serbia is a friendly country open to the world. It's beautiful both in winter and summer, every town is a real gem of the Balkans. Any kind of tour, whether it's sightseeing or recreational, will be a great choice that you won't regret.

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